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I will be teaching a Sunday morning Recovery Yoga class from 9am - 10am at 3-Step Fitness in

St. Charles. Click link below to sign up, space is limited. $20 per class


Recovery Yoga


Most Yoga Classes are Recovery classes. These classes are very calm and slow. They are appropriate for all levels of yoga. They are for people who have a need to bring balance to their bodies and mind and decompress from high intense work outs, high intense work environment and/or physically demanding life style. People with this lifestyle tend to have muscles that are stuck in a state of contraction, compresses joints and facially bound bodies which can cause pain, discomfort and pore function.


My goal for everything I bring to my practice is to help people feel their best.

Recovery is just as important as the performance. 

Our bodies need both to balance to feel and perform our best.

My classes are about creating space in the body and mind where space had been lost. 

Poses are held for 30 seconds-2 minutes long and are very passive poses. At no point should the body feel strained. At no point should there be any pain during a pose. 

We don't use our body to get into a pose,

We use the pose to get into our body


This isn't about what my body can do or the person next to you,

This is about what your body can do. 

Poses can look completely different depending on what your body feels and all forms of a pose are correct.