Massage Therapy Services

Every Massage is 100% customizable to what your specific goals are. The services listed are to give me and idea of what your goals are for your appointment. When booking please choose the one that best matches your goals and we will adjust accordingly.

Deep Tissue- Therapeutic Massage 

Includes techniques that can be extremely effective in breaking up knots/adhesions and restoring function and balance to the body. Usually focused on a specific pain or problem but can still be full body. Because this work can be intense cold stones will be utilized to reduce inflammation and promote natural healing in the body.

-Available with Jessica and Jenny

Relaxation- Stress Relief Massage

Goal is to release tension and promote relaxation within the mind and body. Aromatherapy is available to enhance results. It is a gentler massage that can still be effective in relieving pain brought on by stress and everyday life. 

-Available with Jessica and Jenny

Hot Stone Massage

Heat of the stones relieves stress and tension at a faster rate vs hands-on techniques alone. Can be utilized in relaxation work or deep tissue. This service contains use of the stones through out the body, not on one specific area. 

- Available with Jessica and Jenny

TASTM Massage

Tool Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Massage - This service includes the use of several different massage tools to better penetrate the tissue. With usage of Hypervolt (percussion massage), Pointer Plus (hand held E-Stem), Sidekick (scraping tool). These tools can be used utilized in a session for relaxation or deep tissue purposes. 

-Hypervolt - Available with Jessica and Jenny

-Scraping - Available with Jessica

-Pointer Plus - Available with Jessica

-Cupping - Available with Jenny

Lymphatic Drainage

-Please note that this is not intended for extreme cases of Lymphadema which requires wrapping.-


Purpose of Lymphatic Drainage is to cleanse and regenerate tissue and organs, which promotes balance within the body. This is very light pressure to impact the lymphatic system which lives just beneath the skin.  This service is indicated but not limited to cancer patients, arthritis, chronic fatigue, post surgical, stress management, depression, insomnia and vertigo sufferers

. Results may very.

-Available with Jessica

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape is elastic strips with adhesive on one side, that is strategically placed on the body for up to 5 days. K-tape is effective in promoting body awareness, pain management, decompression and even assists in improving posture. It does not restrict movement and can give stability to the body.

This is only available after a massage session for an additional $10 per body region. 


-Available with Jessica and Jenny












$55 - 30 minute hands on

$95 - 60 minute hands on

$135 - 90 minute hands on

$175 - 120 minute hands on

All pricing is based on time. Appointment only.

Credit Cards are Accepted 

10% off for all military, fire and police officers. Thank you for your service! 

Three Week R&R Programs

 -Save 25%-

Only available for 60 and 90 minute

This is intended for those who need intense work to prepare and heal with specific goals in mind.


This Program consists of one massage a week for three weeks working towards a specific goal. It can be to relive pain, improve posture, prepare for an event or recovering from an event.  

Session will include all modalities needed, postural assessments and  learning self care.

For more information

Appointment Only, no walk-ins

12 hour cancelation notice required

Less then 12 hour = pay 30% total service

No Show - pay 50% total service

Cancelation Fee is due the day you cancel/no show or services will no longer be available to you 

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