Three week Program

60 Minute Program $214

90 Minute Program $304



You save 25% off each session - Payment is due at session one


Programs are Three Massages (either 60 minutes or 90 minutes)

within a three week time frame.

All sessions must be complete within the three week mark or you will lose the session.

To book a program choose the new program option with the massage therapist you would like on the book-online page. If the option for the new program is not on the menu, we are not taking new programs. Feel free to message us and we will let you know when new programs will start.


Know what your goal is!! 

Clear goals will have to be set.

This isn't meant for the person who simply wants a massage each week. 

Each week will build on the progress of the last session. 

Each session will include all modalities that will be useful (Jessica and Jenny use different tools see booking for list), teaching self-care (foam rolling, stretches, self massage) all specific to your set goal and postural assessments to track that we are on the right path. 


If after the three sessions, goals are not met, an extension is allowed at the program price up to three extra sessions at the program rate.


If you join the program but do not follow the recommended self care or are not actively working with us to reach your goal, you have failed to program and will not be allowed an extension, we can tell when you do not do your self-care at home. 


Once program is complete we go into maintenance mode where we start spacing out the session to find the right time frame for your body to keep up the results from the program. 

Program pricing ends with program.

There is no "Yay! You are done, there is no need for massage any more"

You are still alive, with stress, still moving (sometimes wrong)

Massage is meant to keep pain away not just stop it when it shows up

 You need to keep it up to keep your body feeling its best. 

Everyone is different so that time frame may be a few weeks or just a few times a year.

This program is to help you find what is right for your specific body.

Both Jessica and Jenny will be offering the programs. Programs must be with the same person. If you sign up with Jenny, all sessions have to be with Jenny, if you sign up with Jessica, all sessions with Jessica. 

Agreement of Terms will need to be signed at 1st session