SELF MASSAGE - basic tips/techniques

Below are a series of 5 videos, each one focusing on a different region of the body. They are simple self massage techniques to use at home in between massage sessions. I use no tools, all you need is your hands and any lotion product.


In no way are any of these techniques meant to treat, cure, diagnosis any disease or ailment. These are simply what I do for my own body and I wished to share with all of you.


Please listen to your body above all else while following these videos. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please adjust so you are comfortable. Feel free to pause the videos at any time and make these your own. Spend more or less time on an area, include your own stretches for the areas, whatever you feel your body needs. Look at these videos as more of an outline for self massage. You can pick a choose to only follow one or two videos or follow all 5 for a full body self massage. I have posted them in the order I recommend following. Starting from the feet and working up, finishing on arms. This is to insure that your low back gets relief after working low leg, arms will be doing most of the work so finishing with them will give them the relief they will need.

(please forgive my lack of video skills, the animals who said hi and issues with the sound)

Video 1 - Low leg/feet

Video 2 - Hips/Thighs

Video 3 - Low back/Abdomen/Anterior Shoulder

Video 4 - Posterior Shoulders/Neck

Video 5 - Arms/Hands

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