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Restore and Recover Massage Therapy will be permanently closing at the end of August 2022

Last day for appointments will be Sunday, August 28th 

I will be starting my maternity leave and will be returning to the area after baby, but not with my own company.

The past 4 years have been so rewarding and I am grateful to all who have been to my practice. 

It's simply time to focus on my growing family since I won't be able to give the office the attention it needs to continue to grow, I am shutting down completely

I will be joining Growing Wellness in St. Charles after my maternity time is up. 

Massage Therapy

Customizing each service for client goals, needs and what their body responds best to. Massage is effective in relieving stress, restoring function, increasing performance , reducing pain and aiding in the recovery of new and old injuries. There is no one size fits all massage, everyone will get a custom experience. 

Jessica - Owner - Massage Therapist - Yoga Instructor

Working in the industry since 2012 I have developed my skills and techniques over the years to give as much relief as I possible can. With certifications in medical massage, hot/cold stone therapy, soft tissue tool assist, lymphatic drainage and Kinesio taping, I utilize all my knowledge and skills to achieve a truly effective service. 

I started practicing yoga when I started Massage Therapy. I have always been a huge advocate for yoga and its ability to connect and calm down the mind and body. In January of 2021 I decided to dive further into yoga and start a 200hr yoga teacher training program. Finishing in June 2021, Yoga is now available injunction with massage therapy. 

The human body was designed to be balanced and every muscle serves a purpose in that balancing act within every movement. When one muscle is not functioning at 100% the surrounding muscles will compensate to pick up the slack. This can actually cause strain on the helping muscles, which can cause them to lose function. This causes tension and pain to travel up and down the body. Massage can break this cycle of pain and help the body to heal.

Hours Available


Wednesday  10am - 7pm

Friday  10am - 7pm

Sunday  9am-7pm



  • 12 Hour cancellation policy. See Pricing for details

  • Health evaluation sheet must be filled out and signed. Must agree to any limitations necessary for safe and effective session.

  • No massage allowed in first trimester of pregnancy. Restricted to relaxation work.

  • All heath changes must be updated to file for every session. 


Contact Me

Appointments can be made online or by calling. Please note that I may not be able to respond quickly if I am currently in a service. Leave a voice mail/text/email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Tel: call or text (847)242-2742 


Same day bookings are not available online - must call (847)242-2742

Appointments available for online booking during the week

Monday        Closed 

Tuesday        Closed    

Wednesday   10am - 7pm 

Thursday      Closed

Friday           10am - 7pm

Saturday        Closed

Sunday           9am-7pm


475 Dunham Road, Suite 2A

Saint Charles, IL 60174

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